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Case Studies

WorldWork products and solutions are used in many different organisations as shown in our client list. The following case studies illustrate how they have been used successfully in three major European companies.

1. Electrolux - How the International Profiler helped to achieve successful integration for a group of international managers.

2. Telecom Italia - Using the International Profiler to develop the international skills of a group of high potential managers.


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1. Electrolux

The Challenge

To achieve the successful integration of managers working within the Electrolux Industrial Design Centre (IDC) relocating to its European Centre in Pordenone Italy.

The Solution

  • All new expatriates completed the International Profiler with subsequent individual feedback and coaching
  • This identified and closed the gaps which were inhibiting their ability to adapt to the local environment and work within a multicultural department
  • Expatriates received the Profiler in the context of a focused session on Working with Italians

The Results

  • Results and feedback provided an opportunity for the IDC team to identify the needs of a complex international role and meet the challenges they faced personally
  • 20 senior designers completed the Profiler and left the sessions with some profound insights into how they personally approached the assignment

“The International Profiler is an excellent team building tool – both in identifying the competencies you lack and in bringing out and building on the skills you have within your team"

Paul Flowers, Design Manager Electrolux

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2. Telecom Italia

The Challenge

How best to develop the international skills of managers identified by the company as potential high achievers.

The Solution

  • Telecom Italia organised a programme entitled, Managing a World of Difference, with a series of five 2 day modules, designed to develop both international skills and an understanding of cultural diversity issues
  • The programme was linked to WorldWork’s self assessment tool, The International Profiler, and built around WorldWork’s international competency set, explicitly linked to the key internal management skills of teambuilding, communication and influencing
  • On completion of the training modules, participants completed The International Profiler and received individual telephone feedback and coaching linked to the areas of development highlighted in the self assessment questionnaire
  • Learning was channelled into a greater personal commitment to developing international competencies than is usual within traditional group training

The Results

  • A potent catalyst for commitment to change was achieved through trust built up with the trainer and discussion of The international profiler results
  • This year Telecom Italia have put a further 60 managers through the programme

A typical delegate comment was “as a follow up to the workshops…we analysed with the trainer the results of The International Profiler questionnaire and I must say that this was the final magic ingredient in what I can only call a programme close to perfection".

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