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Cross Cultural Distance Learning

WorldWork has established a partnership with CrossKnowledge to bring you a distance learning programme comprising six modules to help build the knowledge and skills required to work internationally. Together we have developed a highly interactive set of modules to explore a wide range of issues of key importance to international managers. The programme allows you to explore at your own pace and convenience a framework for understanding and responding to today's international workplace. As a result of working through the programme you'll develop deeper insights into the challenges faced by international managers and learn about the approaches which make them successful.

The authors, David Trickey and Nigel Ewington, have worked with the CrossKnowledge team to create for you a tailored development programme on managing across cultures - wherever you want it and whenever you need it - based on a dramatised video case of the Morel International team.

You can access the six modules by going to the WorldWork on-line shop at

Module 1 - Recognising cultural difference

In this module you will learn how to:
• Identify the logic behind multicultural behaviours and value systems
• Understand the impact of culture on work-based relationships
• Recognise potential traps and opportunities in cross-cultural cooperation
• Build the foundations for effective communication strategies

Module 2 - The influence of culture upon people

In this module you will learn how to:
• Identify what constitutes culture and become aware of your own cultural profile
• Understand the concept of typical and marginal cultural profiles
• Distinguish cultural preferences in approaching work-related tasks

Module 3 - The influence of culture upon organisations and working approach

In this module you will learn how to:
• Become aware of the notion of risk and its impact on working behaviour
• Become aware of the notion of power and its impact on behaviour and organisations
• How risk and power relationships shape the way different cultures approach work

Module 4 - Building trust across cultures

In this module you will learn:
• Why trust is important
• How people trust others
• How to trust across cultures
• How to encourage trust

Module 5 - Six key competencies for working across cultures

In this module you will learn:
• How to recognise and deal with culture clash
• The key skills and competencies required for effectively working across cultures
• To understand your current skills level and the areas you need to improve

Module 6 – Remote Communication across cultures

In this module you will learn how to:
• Understand cultural preferences in communicating
• Select communication media with greater cultural sensitivity
• Deliver more effective remote messages

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