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Global View 360

Global View is a panormamic version of the International Profiler. It can be used by individuals wishing to obtain feedback from international colleagues, clients, friends etc. who have been able to work with them, or directly observe them working across international boundaries. It is a powerful way for an individual to understand the impact that he or she makes on people from different cultures, as a basis for personal growth and development.

Unlike traditional 360 questionnaires, Global View does not usually rely on feedback from line managers, peers, direct reports etc. Instead the user can choose how he or she groups the observers, so that, for example they may ask for feedback from three Germans, two Americans and two people from South East Asia if this is who they are working with. The feedback from these different nationalities can be grouped together, so that the user will then receive feedback which seperately identifies the views of people from different countries or regions.

An extract from a Global View report, identifying potential development areas

The key features of the Global View 360 version of the International Profiler are:

  • only 55 questions making it quicker and easier to complete for observers than the more in-depth Profiler;
  • focuses on the 10 key competencies from the International Competency set, rather than all 22 dimensions;
  • provides observers with the opportunity to rate the 'importance' of certain attitudes/behaviours as they relate to a specific role or context;
  • provides a gap analysis in the feedback report, showing the gap between the level of 'importance' attached to given behaviours, as compared with the perceived level of performance on the same behaviours;
  • users can choose how to group their observers for feedback purposes;
  • two free fields are provided so that observers can give their own comments;
  • the individual requesting feedback can send out questionnaires to the chosen observers, monitor progress and manage the whole process for himself/herself.

When should Global View be used?

The International Profiler is an in depth tool that relies solely on self perceptions. It forces people to make choices about where they put the emphasis when working across cultural boarders. The Global View questionnaire is simpler in construction as it does not provide forced choice questions. However, it is more complicated to administer because feedback will be obtained from 6 - 10 observers.

To provide useful feedback observers need to be chosen carefully, and we provide detailed advice on the best way to select and group observers to ensure the most useful results. They should be selected on the basis that they:

  • have seen the user working and interacting with people from different countries
  • are from a different national or cultural background from the user of the questionnaire

Global View, therefore, is most suitable for people with considerable international experience and a good network of international contacts who wish to build their skills at operating internationally by understanding more clearly how they are perceived by their contacts and colleagues from other countries.

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