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International Assessment

Based on our extensive experience in carrying out assessments of senior executives, we have developed a process specifically addressing the suitability of individuals for international roles.

We use a range of techniques for these international assessments including:

  1. A computer based simulation to assess flexibility of thinking and learning potential, and to determine cognitive style for dealing with unfamiliar situations;
  2. Participation in observed simulation exercises, or watching video materials, involving interactions with people from different cultures. This is followed by an interview to gauge reactions;
  3. Motivational and personality psychometric questionnaires;
  4. Interviews based around critical incidents in the subject’s life.

Assessments can be carried out on an individual basis, or we can design an international assessment module to fit into existing assessment/development centres.

In addition, the different approaches we use allow us to provide a comprehensive assessment of a candidate for a post against the International Competency Framework. The table below shows how the four different assessment techniques combine to give a comprehensive overall assessment of a candidate against the 22 dimensions contained in the International Competency Framework.

Dimensions Computer Based Cognitive Test Simulations & Video Extracts, followed by Interview Motivational & Personality Psychometric Questionnaires Critical Incident Interviews
New Thinking ¤   ¤  
Welcoming Strangers     ¤ ¤
Acceptance     ¤ ¤
Flexible Behaviour     ¤ ¤
Flexible Judgment ¤ ¤ ¤  
Learning Languages ¤     ¤
Inner Purpose     ¤ ¤
Focus on Goals     ¤ ¤
Resilience     ¤  
Coping       ¤
Spirit of Adventure     ¤ ¤
Attuned   ¤ ¤  
Reflected Awareness   ¤   ¤
Active Listening   ¤   ¤
Clarity of Communication   ¤   ¤
Exposing Intentions   ¤ ¤  
Information Gathering ¤   ¤  
Valuing Differences   ¤ ¤  
Rapport     ¤ ¤
Range of Styles ¤      
Sensitivity to Context   ¤   ¤
Creating New Alternatives ¤     ¤

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