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International OD Consulting

“People make or break business results”

Organisations run hard to keep up with rapidly changing market pressures, technological developments, the demands of customers and the growing need to work across different national and corporate cultures.

Increasingly they have to learn to change and adapt very quickly and at very short notice and yet at the same time retain a clear sense of their identity and long term strategic purpose. The issue of strategic capability is of particular importance when the organisation is developing its activities across national and organisational frontiers, for example through M&A, strategic alliances or moving into new international markets. Central to meeting this challenge is the need to have the right people with the appropriate skills and talents in order to minimise the gaps between organisational objectives and the ability of its people to deliver these objectives, both now and in the future.

The WorldWork approach to OD therefore focuses on five key areas of international organisation development:

  • Aligning the roles and competencies of key international managers with the strategic objectives of the company
  • Assessing the existing capabilities and potential of employees to work effectively in different intercultural situations
  • Designing and implementing development initiatives to maximise the international capabilities of the talent pool available in the company
  • Modifying or creating sustainable international succession strategies
  • Applying and integrating specific WorldWork tools and activities in a way that complements and supports existing processes

The WorldWork team includes specialists (see ‘about us’) who have worked in complex joint ventures and alliances and who understand the challenges that continually affect international management teams. These skills are complemented by WorldWork’s Organisational Development toolset.

For further information, contact Aurelie Sauvant on: 00 44 20 7486 9844





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