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International Role Analysis

This is a simple methodology to help companies achieve greater clarity around the leadership skills and capabilities required for their international executive cadre. This is a Role Analysis that focuses not on the technical skills but on the critical behavioural qualities and attributes required in individual roles, job families and specific assignments.

Describing the main elements of an International Role in this way, and not in terms of specific functional skills, is more helpful and relevant to a dynamic and fast moving global business. Its two major benefits are:

It helps organisations to have definition and clarity around the behavioural and leadership aspects which are the critical elements of any international job role.

It provides a framework to gain consensus around the competencies that will achieve a match between global business aspirations and the individual's ability to achieve them

The Role Analysis Method uses the WorldWork international competency framework alongside two categories of 'descriptors' for International Jobs. These are:

1. Role Dimensions (eg strategic thinker/project driver/multicultural team leader)
2. Best Fit Working style (eg mobile/static; virtual team worker; flexible friend)

Martin Ridley, the WorldWork consultant leading the introduction of the Role Analysis comments:

'The danger for organisations is that in the most extreme situations all we know about any particular global job holder is 60% of his/her time is spent in airports and on planes; 20% in meetings and 10% on the cell phone. We believe organisations need to get back in touch with this key population of 'Air Miles' executives but in a practical and pragmatic way".

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