Taking the pulse of an international team


 “This is outrageous. Different people all proposing significant changes to the layout at this very late stage in the project – it’s nonsense. We agreed the Pressing Plant plan in every detail only last week: see my email 12 January. We are getting too much of this sort of messing around. Guiseppe, I call on you to sort out Engineering fast!” The UK site director’s email was copied in to the Italian engineering team and his frustration couldn’t be plainer… Continue reading

Does trust impact team performance?

“If you are interested in team performance, trust is worth your attention”. The results of the study that Wendy Hirsch writes about in her blog chimes completely with our Team Trust tool and echoes what we have believed for years now.

Do give it a read, especially if you work with orScreen Shot 2017-01-13 at 13.25.14 in teams. http://scienceforwork.com/blog/trust-impact-team-performance/